Their Side

Conversations with the most tragically misunderstood people of our time.


5: Bill Lumbergh

He’s going to need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday, but there’s a lot more to the story than you think.


  • What are TPS reports exactly, and what’s the motivation for adding the cover sheet?
  • How Bill preserves such a cool and calm demeanor, despite the extreme consequences Initech faces for not finishing their Y2K upgrades on time, and why it’s important to protect the staff from that stress
  • Why suspenders and belts aren’t enough on their own, and should be used together
  • The backstory behind how Bill purchased his Porsche 911
  • The real reason he needed the red stapler for himself


  • Initech — Pioneers of the TPS report, Initech is actively looking for job-seekers with people skills who can work with customers to gather specifications and deliver them to the software people.
  • Globex Corporation — Just a friendly and innocent high-tech company, with a casual work environment and an office without walls. Anything you’ve heard about a “doomsday device” is pure conjecture and not based in fact.